Number of new coronavirus cases declines in Almaty

Adlet Seilkhanov
7 August 2020, 18:04

Number of new coronavirus cases declines in Almaty

ALMATY. KAZINFORM – The daily case count for new COVID-19 cases is on decline in the city of Almaty, Zhandarbek Bekshin, a chief medical officer of Almaty said, Kazinform correspondent reports.

Over the past month, the daily growth in COVID-19 cases has dropped from 4.2% to 1.4% in the city, and now stands at 0.9%. Thus, the decline in new COVID-19 cases has happened, according to the chief medical officer of Almaty.

As of August 7, Almaty city has reported a total of 12,997 COVID-19 cases, including 7,897 symptomatic and 5,110 asymptomatic cases.

New COVID-19 cases in each age group as reported by the goods and service quality and safety control committee as follows: the 20-29 age group represents 21% of new cases, the 30-39 age group – 20.6%, the 40-49 age group – 17.9%, the 50-59 age group – 18.5%, and the people over 60 years of age account for 17.7% of new COVID-19 cases.

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