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Nazarbayev's Address prioritizes improvement of people's wellbeing - Kyrgyz expert

8 October 2018 12:47
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Nazarbayev's Address prioritizes improvement of people's wellbeing - Kyrgyz expert

BISHKEK. KAZINFORM "The core of the President's Address "Growing Welfare of Kazakh Citizens: Increase in Income and Quality of Life" is the prioritization of human values and the younger generation," well-known politician and public figure of Kyrgyzstan Toktayim Umetaliyeva says.

"If a country does not prioritize health, education, culture and sport, it has no future. The Kazakh President's Address is important for its focus on individuals, family values and improvement of wellbeing of every citizen. It is impossible to boost economy without social sector's development," Umetaliyeva says.

According to her, the Address contains a number of strategic steps:

"Special attention is given to the development of utilities, improvement of the population's wellbeing. I am impressed by the new 7-20-25 mortgage programme, regions' development plan and, of course, health support measures. To my mind, the measures of support of agriculture and local producers are also crucial, because Kazakhstan does not fully use its agricultural opportunities. It will be great if the situation changes," Umetaliyeva notes.

"I would like to point out one more issue in the Address - new technologies. For the whole Central Asian region Kazakhstan remains an engine of implementation of innovative technologies and expansion of construction. Last year, I visited EXPO 2018 in Astana and I am still impressed by the futuristic buildings of the Kazakh capital," she adds.

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