Nauryz is one of the most ancient holidays on the planet. It has been celebrated for over 5,000 years as the holiday of spring and renewal of nature by many peoples of Asia. How different countries celebrate Nauryz?
In honor of the Nauryz holiday, “Kazinform” International News Agency has prepared a special photo project by collecting photographs kindly provided by its foreign partner agencies.
<!---->Azerbaijan State News Agency - AzerTac
It is a tradition during the celebrations of Nowruz in Azerbaijan to set out richly furnished tables. A tray with sweet treats called xónça, green sprouting wheat called samani, and home baked treats like baklava, şekerbura and şor qoğal have become the symbols of this holiday in the country.
<!---->Bashinform Agency
According to a centuries-old tradition, on the eve of Navruz people should clean up their houses and pay off their debts. In Bashkortostan, there is another tradition to make oven-baked flat bread out of wheat, barley, millet, corn and other grains. The most popular Navruz dish sumalyak is made of green sprouting wheat.
The ancient tradition of Nowruz in Iran has gained a spiritual dimension and is consonant with religious teachings. In Iran, the Quran recitation has become an integral part of ringing in the New Year.
<!---->Anadolu Agency
In Turkey, during this holiday celebrations people should be surrounded by the things that symbolize good intentions and happiness, health and longevity. One of the long-standing traditions of Nevruz holiday in Turkey - jumping over the fire - nowadays has been replaced with fireworks. Nevruz celebrations in Turkey also feature traditional performances by folklore ensembles.
<!---->Turkmenistan Today (TDH) agency
A grandiose open-air exposition of the traditional everyday rural life is held on this holiday in Turkmenistan. The exposition is staged at the Nowruz ýaýlasy platform in a picturesque valley. The spring equinox is always associated with agricultural calendar signaling the start of field works and the new agricultural year.
<!---->Uzbekistan National News Agency (UzA)
Every year Uzbekistan welcomes Navruz with Sumalak saili (The feast of sumalak) which calls for friendship, brotherhood and cooperation. In all regions of the country one can hear the sounds of dancing, singing and joy.
<!---->Kabar Agency
On the day of Nowruz, people of Kyrgyzstan fumigate their houses to drive away the evil spirits and set the festive table with at least seven dishes. The dishes symbolize the rich harvest in the coming year. Traditional festivities, sports events and concerts sweep the main squares of the country.
<!---->Kazinform News Agency
Kazakhstan has officially began celebrating Nauryz since March 15, 1991 after the President of the Kazakh SSR declared the 22nd of March the national holiday in a decree “On national spring holiday – Nauryz meiramy”.