Nas Daily creates video clip about Almaty, ‘apple capital’ of the world

Kudrenok Tatyana
28 March 2023, 14:44

Nas Daily creates video clip about Almaty, ‘apple capital’ of the world Screen from video

ALMATY. KAZINFORM – The team of Nuseir Yassin, an Arab-Israeli vlogger, renowned for creating over 1,000 daily, one-minute-long videos on social media, visited Almaty to make a video about its symbol, an apple, Kazinform correspondent reports.

The video about apples is available on Nas Daily’s YouTube, Instagram and TikTok accounts with the total number of subscribers at over 60 million. The clip has already gained over 1 million views on Instagram.

«Did you know that every apple in the world comes from just one country? And you’ll never guess which one because I am in the country of apples. The country that brought you every apple in the world… Welcome to Kazakhstan! It’s a country in central Asia. Everywhere I look I see apples! Apple paintings, apple statues, apple windows. And even a city named after apples. This is Almaty city and Almaty means ‘Father of apples’. Turns out, apples come from Kazakhstan! Yes! Science figured out that every apple in the world can be traced back here. This is where the apple seed evolved and became the modern day apple. So the next time you bite into a juicy, crunchy apple think of Kazakhstan,» says one of the members of the Nas Daily team.

The mission of Nas Daily is to show its subscribers and viewers the most incredible people and places on planet Earth.

The Almaty city administration revealed that the video clip about the megapolis was created with the support of the Almaty tourism department and Visit Almaty tourist information center. In total, Nas Daily shot five video clips - four in Almaty and one in Astana - focusing on the culture, history and other aspects of life in Kazakhstan.


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