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N. Nazarbayev proposed new paradigm of world security

10 June 2015 13:56
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N. Nazarbayev proposed new paradigm of world security

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Speaking at the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, N. Nazarbayev proposed five principles of a new paradigm of the world security.

"It is important to establish a dialogue on development of a new paradigm of the world security. It has to include the principles of equality, mutual respect and respect for interests of each other, cooperation, tolerance and mutual understanding. There is no alternative to dialogue in all spheres in the 21st century," N. Nazarbayev said.

The Head of State put forward a number of proposals for adding them to a final declaration of the Congress.

"First, it is necessary to stop all military conflicts, call a truce. All conflicting sides have to negotiate, develop an agreement on stopping violence, protection of peaceful people and settlement of conslicts," the President began.

"Kazakhstan exerts every effort for reconciliation of conflicting sides," he continued.

"Second, power methods in settlement of any conflicts in any countries should be stopped. Third, it is important to call political leaders of all leading powers to stop spreading of distrust in the modern world. Those mutual sanctions have to be stopped, moreover they affect the third countries and ordinary people," N. Nazarbayev told.

The fourth point was about the fourth power. The President of Kazakhstan called to stop using of the mass media and Internet resources for stirring the interreligious hatred. "We have to increase the moral responsibility of owners of the mass media and all those who call themselves the fourth power," the President of Kazakhstan believes.

In conclusion, the President called everybody to unite efforts for addressing the problems of poverty and famine, epidemics, unemployment, natural disasters and technological disasters.

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