N Kazakhstan rgn to introduce extra curbs in event of worsening COVID-19 situation
16 August 2022 20:55

N Kazakhstan rgn to introduce extra curbs in event of worsening COVID-19 situation

PETROPAVLOVSK. KAZINFORM – North Kazakhstan region sees growing COVID-19 cases as up to 12 people are admitted to hospitals daily, Kazinform correspondent reports.

Tatyana Gorlova, acting chief of the sanitary epidemiological control department, reported on a 45% rise in COVID-19 cases. The region has seen 669 infections over the past two weeks, of which 392 have been reported in the week. 87% of the infected were either non-vaccinated or got their last vaccine more than six months ago. Of those, one third are over 60 years old, 90 are children under 14, and 11 are 15-18-year-olds.

«100 kids are under observation, of whom 77 are under outpatient treatment. 23 kids are receiving inpatient treatment, of whom 22 are in moderate condition,» said acting head of the health office of the region Kumar Kussemissov.

According to him, 417 patients with COVID-19 are being treated, of whom 62 at infectious diseases hospitals, in the region.

«In March-July the region had no occupied beds. Now, six to 12 people are admitted to hospitals daily. Bed occupancy rose to 49%. Three people are in intensive care units; there are no patients on life support,» he said.

87% of the eligible population of the region has been given the first component of vaccines against COVID-19.

It was noted that people registered in dispensaries who were unvaccinated are responsible for up to 80% of those hospitalized and 65% of those died. Of the planned 116 thousand people, only 63 thousand received the vaccines.

Regionwide, 273,272 people are eligible to get a COIVD-19 booster. Of those, 192,880 or 70% received a booster.

North Kazakhstan region governor Kumar Aksakalov noted that the region has been in the «green» zone since March. However, the region is nearing the «green» zone.

«If the current trend keeps, we’ll be forced to introduce additional curbs. The health system needs to be in mobile readiness in case the situation worsens. All measures to prevent the negative scenario are taken. It is essential to follow the sanitary and epidemiological requirements,» said the governor.

Photo: press service of the Akimat of North Kazakhstan region

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