N Kazakhstan builds 11 commercial dairy farms
23 May 2022 08:11

N Kazakhstan builds 11 commercial dairy farms

PETROPAVLOVSK. KAZINFORM For the past 3 years Kazakhstan built 22 commercial dairy farms, and 650 rural jobs were created, Kazinform reports.

Governor of North Kazakhstan Kumar Aksakalov visited last weekend Kishkenekol village in Ualikhanov district.

«11 farms more and 2 feed yards will be constructed this year. One of the yards will be built in Akzhar district, another in Ualikhanov district. The project in Ualikhanov district is developed by Orda Soltustik kz», he told meeting the locals.

Aksakalov noted that the Government supports purchasing livestock; it covers practically half of the expenses. For example, if the cost per head of livestock stands at KZT 1.2 mln the Government subsidies then KZT 400,000. If the milking cow produces 5,000 liters of milk the farmer will get KZT 180-220,000 of subsidies.

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