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MWL rep Munkiz Mahmoud As-Sakkar named major causes of conflicts

11 October 2018 13:50 448
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MWL rep Munkiz Mahmoud As-Sakkar named major causes of conflicts

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Munkiz Mahmoud As-Sakkar - Advisor to the Secretary General of the Muslim World League - offered his own vision of the causes of wars, Kazinform correspondent reports.

“What is the cause of the wars which occur around the world constantly? As British expert in Asian and Islamic Studies Karen Armstrong says, most conflicts which occurred in history of the mankind were caused by the struggle for sources,” he said.

“Irrespective of whether these conflicts arose from agricultural, oil and gas or some other international problems... Certain people, but not religion should bear responsibility for fuelling these conflicts. These people do not realize true message of the God, because Allah sent people to the Earth not for fight or struggle. He created them to let them live here and to develop human civilization,” the speaker added.

Munkiz Mahmoud As-Sakkar reminded of the speech delivered by President Nursultan Nazarbayev at the opening of the 6th Congress of the World and Traditional Religions’ Leaders.

“Despite the mankind has already reached maturity and progress, conflicts still arise. Wars still occur. Thousands of people die and get injuries in each war, they lose their homes. All of these prove inability of the international community to find an adequate mechanism of observance of human’s rights and his protection from outrages,” he added.

Munkiz Mahmoud As-Sakkar regretted that today’s world is the interests protected by politicians without any moral values.  "This occurs, probably, because we, religious figures, do not fulfill our duties. We must return the mankind to the right path,” he concluded.


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