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Music brings people together. Dimash’s concert in Germany

10 April 2022, 16:21
Music brings people together. Dimash’s concert in Germany

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM - On April 9, 2022 Dimash Qudaibergen’s first solo concert in Germany took place in Düsseldorf. The colossal energy and the atmosphere of unity did not cease for a second in the ISS Dome arena, Kazinform has learnt from

The long awaited Dimash’s solo concert in Europe brought together the audience from Eurasia, America, Africa, Australia, from near and far corners of the planet to see the big show of the Kazakh artist. Dimash presented an altered program of the «ARNAU» tour, which had started before the world pandemic.

The concert program was multi-polar and was a combination of strict vocal compositions such as «Ave Maria», «Stranger» and in a very special way on this night «Know» with a powerful, full of drive «Lay Down» and «Durdaraz»; touching the soul «Qairan Elim», «If I never breath again» and «Let it be» with energetic dancing songs «Give me your love», «Be with me» and «Screaming».


A special interest in Dimash’s concert programs is the multilingual nature of the compositions he performs. «ARNAU» in Dusseldorf was not an exception. From the stage the compositions in English, familiar to many people, were performed, and from the very beginning of the show the audience happily sang «Golden» and «Fly away».

Dimash’s performance of the majestic «Olimpico» in Italian and the iconic «S.O.S.» in French captivated the audience as always. The audience favorite «Swans» in Russian sounded together with the audience, light and gentle. In Chinese, Dimash sang «Autumn Strong», «Battle of memory» and «War and peace», each of which plays a special role in his creativity.

And, of course, most of the concert was songs in the artist’s native language. A rich and beautiful Kazakh language dream was addressed as an instrument of unification of different peoples.

So, during the traditional chanting with the audience, Dears sang in chorus: «Let there be unity in the world» and «Men seni süyemin» («I love you»).



The fans, who knew the lyrics by heart, enjoyed singing along to Dimash’s songs, which had already become international. The choruses of «Unforgettable Day,» «Mahhabat ber Magan,» and «Daididau» were repeated several times by Dears without letting the artist go.

About the concert audience we can safely say – they were united by the music, because the concert brought together people who came from different continents, speaking different languages, different nationalities and ages. However, all these differences became imperceptible as soon as the first chords began to play and the lights of lanterns, lights, banners and the loving hearts of the artist’s fans lit up in the hall.


The atmosphere of the concert was charming and friendly, each song was received by the audience with great dedication, during the breaks between songs, Dimash communicated with the audience in different languages, managing to accept bouquets and jokes.

The multinational team of the artist – technical band, musicians, dancers, all gave their best and turned the evening into a great celebration.

Zarina Bozhakova and Jordan Arakelyan lit up the audience with the song «Fire», and Olzhas Kurmanbek, playing the kobyz, created a special magical atmosphere in the hall.

At the end of the show the energy of the artist and the audience was at a maximum. During the performance Dimash arranged an impromptu battle on the drums with Ilya Pokrovskiy, came down to the audience several times, never tired to thank the fans and finished the concert, promising an early meeting in Prague.



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