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21 September 2009 19:49
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Murat Monkeuly (1843-1906) - akyn and zhyrau. He was born in Karabau village of Kyzylkogy municipality in Atyrau region. He was educated by his brother Matay.

Yesset Bi and Abyl Akyn were his examples to follow to. He was also a tutor to Muryn Sengirbaiuly poet. From his early childhood he wrote poems. He dreamt of freedom for his nation.

He participated in aitysses with Bala Oraz, Zhaskelen, Kalniyaz, Zhantoly, Tynyshtyk, Sholpan and others, attended the courses of poetic mastery. He created a lot of sings, poems and tolgau where he praised love to his native land. In some of his songs he praised a brave fellow, bride-girl and hunt with a hawk, tells about fluidity of life and inconsistency of this world.

'Ush Kiyan' - is one of the significant creations in which Akyn describes tight situation of his nation, his dreams and hopes. His poems 'Karasay-Kazi' and 'Kaztugan' are devoted to Kazakh batyrs. He mad a great contribution to the development of the Kazakh literary language. The drafts of his three creations as 'Okudan Kaitkan Zhigitke Hat', 'Yeline Zhazgany' and 'Bir Doska' were founded.

His works were published in several collections as: 'Murat Akynyn Gumar Kaziulyna Aitkany' (Kazan, 1908), 'Akyn' (Kazan, 1912), 'Murat Akynnun Sozderi' (Tashkent, 1924), 'Bes Gasyr Zhyrlaidy' (1989) and others. His works were also translated into Russian language.

His creations were studied by Kh. Dosmukhamedov, S. Seifullin, M. Auezov, S. Mukanov. A. Tokmaganbetov. B. Omarova, K. Madibayev, K. Zhumaliyev and others.

Source: Kazakhstan, National Encyclopedia, volume 4.

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