Monkeypox cases in UK rise to 179
31 May 2022 13:12

Monkeypox cases in UK rise to 179

LONDON. KAZINFORM A total of 71 more cases of monkeypox have been identified in England, bringing the UK-wide total to 172, the UK Health Security Agency announced on Monday.

The lion’s share are in England, but there are currently four cases in Scotland, two in Northern Ireland, and one in Wales, Anadolu Agency reports.

Authorities have asked people to look out for new rashes on their body, and if they have been in contact with someone with monkeypox to voluntarily self-isolate for 21 days.

Dr. Ruth Milton, a senior medical advisor at the agency, said: «We are reminding people to look out for new spots, ulcers or blisters on any part of their body.»

Experts maintain that the risk to the public is low, as most people suffer only a mild illness and recover within a few weeks.

Monkeypox passes from person to person through close physical contact, including sexual intercourse.

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Thousands of people evacuated as fire rages in southwestern France
11 August 2022 07:37

Thousands of people evacuated as fire rages in southwestern France

PARIS. KAZINFORM Thousands of people were evacuated after a massive fire broke out in the Gironde region of southwestern France on Tuesday night, the latest in a spate of wildfires that France has been experiencing this summer, local media reported on Wednesday.

About 500 firefighters are battling the blazes with the assistance of local water bombers, Martin Guespereau, the delegate prefect for Gironde, told reporters on Wednesday morning, Anadolu Agency reports.

«Our first objective, in this fight, is to save human lives,» he stressed.

The fire initially ignited on Tuesday in the Hostens, Sainte-Magne, and Cabanac-et-Villagrains municipalities, which lie in the south of Gironde. They quickly burned 6,000 hectares (14,826 acres) and 6,000 people were evacuated throughout the night, according to news outlet franceinfo.

He said the fire reportedly destroyed 16 houses but caused no casualties.

Two of the fires that originated in Hostens and Cabanac-et-Villagrains were about 20 kilometers (about 12.5 miles) apart. But, the latter spread into the Landes region throughout the night, according to officials, who described the fire as «very virulent.»

Firefighters made 215 evacuations in the Landes region overnight.

France is in the middle of its fourth heat wave characterized by extreme temperatures and persistent drought that has wreaked havoc on farmers and municipalities alike.

Tuesday and Wednesday’s fires are offshoots of a massive forest fire that took place in Landiras during the month of July, a commune within Gironde that burnt 13,000 hectares (32,124 acres).

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Türkiye's 4th drill ship off to Mediterranean for hydrocarbon exploration
10 August 2022 14:03

Türkiye's 4th drill ship off to Mediterranean for hydrocarbon exploration

ANKARA. KAZINFORM Türkiye's new seventh-generation drill ship will operate off coast of Antalya province in the Mediterranean for hydrocarbon exploration, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Tuesday.

«We will send our ship, Abdulhamid Han, to the Yorukler-1 well, 55 kilometers (34 miles) away from (Antalya's) Gazipasha,» Erdogan said during a ceremony for the first mission of Türkiye’s 4th drill ship Abdulhamid Han at the Tasucu port in the country's Mediterranean city of Mersin, Anadolu Agency reports.

Erdogan added that Abdulhamid Han drill ship is «the symbol of Türkiye's new vision» in the field of energy.

The president said Türkiye has a «rare» drilling fleet in the world with its ships Fatih, Kanuni, Yavuz, and Abdulhamid Han.

About natural gas exploration, Erdogan said: «Now, with four drilling ships and two seismic research ships, we are also engaged in this field.»

He added Türkiye carries out exploration and drilling operations in the Mediterranean within its jurisdiction, saying: «We do not need anyone's permission for this.»

Erdogan also noted: «We are planning to finish the operations in the 10 wells required for the first phase of Black Sea gas and to start putting the natural gas acquired from there into service for our nation in 2023.»

Abdulhamid Han ship, with seventh-generation advanced technology, has a maximum operating depth of 3,600 meters (11,811 feet), a tower height of 104 m (341 ft) and a crew capacity of 200.

The drill ship is one of the five seventh-generation ships globally, with a maximum drilling depth of 12,200 m (40,026 ft).


ANSA: Italy starts monkeypox vaccinations
10 August 2022 11:22

ANSA: Italy starts monkeypox vaccinations

ROME. KAZINFORM Italy has started monkeypox vaccinations with the first jabs being given at Rome's Spallanzani Hospital Monday followed by others in Bologna and the rest of Emilia-Romagna starting Tuesday.

The other two priority regions, Lombardy and Veneto, will begin giving out doses of the vaccine later this week, ANSA reports.

The number of monkeypox cases in Italy rose by 54 Tuesday, to 599.

On July 23 the World Health Organization said monkeypox was a «global health emergency».

The vaccination campaign is not a mass effort like the COVID one but is instead directed at persons at greatest risk of infection such as gays, transgender, bisexuals and other men who h ave sex with men, as well as lab staff with possible exposure to the orthopoxvirus.

The Spallanzani is Italy's premier infectious disease hospital and treated the first COVID-19 patients in early 2020.