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Modernization plan offers a lot of possibilities for Kazakhstan - student of University of Brazilia

19 May 2017 12:20 1697
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Modernization plan offers a lot of possibilities for Kazakhstan - student of University of Brazilia

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - I think the article is very interesting in many aspects. I read it and really loved it because the modernization is very well structured and explained. The ideas presented in the text are inherent to any country. It reminded me about the ideas of Zygmut Bauman and the liquid modernity, with the world constant change like we are running above a thin layer of ice. In such scenario it's major thinking how a country can develop itself and adapt to all the global changes that surround our life, believes International Relations student of the Institute of International Relations of University of Brazilia Lorenzo Rebello.

According to Rebello, Kazakhstan is an important actor of international relations. Its geographic position in the heart of Eurasia, between the two great powers, can be a point of tension, but it can also be seen as an opportunity in this situation. In moments of conflict and changes in the international balance of power, many opportunities and peculiarities can take place.

"Bearing in mind the aspects mentioned, the modernization plain represents a lot of possibilities for Kazakhstan. The perspective of a modern Kazakhstan with high education standards, culture valorization and prepared for a competitive international scenario represents, in my humble opinion, a great development potential.

The way we see ourselves and interact with the world, in my perspective, is a major aspect in the construction of knowledge. The structure on the thinking process is influenced by many subjective aspects that surround our world and reality, like the cultural influence. When we just accept an Eurocentric external world view, we ignore our identity and who we are," Rebello says.

In his words, the preservation of national identity is an important aspect for a country essence in our actual process of constant change. The pragmatism in the political decision making contribute for more responsible attitudes, while regarding the country's story, values and culture. The cult for knowledge was present as a historical typical Kazakhstan quality. Knowledge is one of the most powerful weapons, nowadays," the student from Brazil notes.

"A solid modernization project, with a clear vision of our contemporaneous society, with its peculiarities and problems, allows an open vision of world. I believe it allows a country to adapt itself to changes and crises.

I think the way all the aspects mentioned interact with each other contributes for a incredible modernization process," Rebello concludes.



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