Melodies of Great Steppe decorate celebration of Nauryz in Hungary

Temirgaliyeva Arailym
30 March 2023, 08:23

Melodies of Great Steppe decorate celebration of Nauryz in Hungary Photo: gov.kz

BUDAPEST. KAZINFORM The celebration of Nauryz in Hungary showed the richness of traditions of Kazakh culture. The concerts of the Uralsk ethno-folklore ensemble «Arnau» took place in «Great Kipchakia» (historical and geographical territory) – the city of Karcag and in the capital of Hungary – Budapest, Kazinform learned from the press service of the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Cultural events were organized by the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Hungary with the support of the Akimat of the West Kazakhstan region and the Dusen Kasseinov Foundation.

Celebrating the spring holiday of Nauryz, outstanding works of the Kazakh people were performed on the stages of the cities of Kartsag and Budapest. The «Arnau» ensemble skillfully performed in their own arrangement the Kurmangazy’s «Saryarka», «Balbyrauyn» and «Adai», Dauletkerey`s «Koreguly», Makhambet’s «Zhumyr kylysh» and others musical pieces.


The Hungarian audience was imbued with the musical atmosphere of the creative team. The audience was fascinated by the sound of musical instruments of Kazakhs – dombra, kobyz, sherte, zhetigen, and their ability to convey the noise of the steppe and mountain waterfall, the severity of snowstorms and the spring chirping of birds. Folk motives that reveal the innermost things that lurk in the Kazakh folk soul left positive impressions and gave listeners a lot of emotions.


For reference: The ethno-folklore ensemble «Arnau» is a creative collective formed in 2018 at the Center for Youth Creativity of the city of Uralsk, West Kazakhstan region bringing together talented musicians of the region.

The purpose of the Dusen Kasseinov Foundation is to popularize Kazakh national music in the context of global globalization, perpetuate the ancient national musical instruments of the Kazakh people, instill national pride for Kazakhstan’s listeners and a sense of patriotism to our citizens abroad.


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