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3 February 2010 14:19
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Mamai Batyr Zhumagululy (1702-1799) is a national hero, participant of the fight against Dzungaria, one of the main batyrs in Abylai Khan's troops. He was Tobykty stem of Middle Zhuz. His name means "Wolf".

The years of long-term fight against Dzungaria required mobilization of all forces. For many people in all zhuzes military art became their profession. Among them can be distinguished such heroes as Bogenbay Batyr, Kabanbay Batyr, Zhanibek Koshkaruly Batyr, Yesset Batyr and Mamai Batyr.

Mamai Batyr was born on the bank of Syrdarya River. After Dzungar's invasion his Tobykty stem had to leave Chingistau and move to Syrdarya valley on South of Kazakhstan. The young man took part in different fights against Dzungar people.

Due to his victories he received attention of Kanzhygali Bogenbai (1690-1775). After Dzungar's invasion in 1723 Kazakh people of all zhuzes take maximum efforts to unite. Together with future Khan Abylai Mamai batyr took part in next fights. One of the largest battle took place in 1731 in Itshitpes locality near Balkhash lake. According to several legends Mamai Batyr participated in 102 battles.

According to his death wish his heart was buried at Mayan Koryk wintering whereas his body was buried in Turkestan near Hodzha Akhmet Jassavi Mausoleum near Kabanbay and Bogenbay Batyr.

Mamai Batyr had nine sons. Nowadays his descendants live East Kazakhstan Oblast and Semey city.

One of the streets in Semey city received his name. Writer A. Alimzhanov wrote a book about Mamai Batyr. A. Mambetov, Halyk Kaharmany, made a film devoted to Mamai Batyr - "Zhaushy".

In 2009 a presentation of the book "Mamlyuki" of Kairat Begalin dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Mamai Batyr was held in Almaty.

Source: G. Shymyrbayeva, Anyrakai Triangle, - Baiterek; 2006.

M. Sultanbekov, Mamai Batyr, - Irtysh Segodnya; 2004.

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