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Malaysia Institute: Political reform indicates commitment to democracy

26 March 2017 10:13
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Malaysia Institute: Political reform indicates commitment to democracy

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Malaysia Institute of Strategic and International Studies commented on Kazakh President's Address on redistribution of powers, Kazinform reports.

"President Nazarbayev's decision to delegate and redistribute some of his powers is far from a simple act since this step is virtually historic. The stages of modernization mentioned in the speech will significantly ease the burden on the President's Executive Office and at the same time will enhance its productivity and effectiveness in solving the issues related to foreign policy, security and defense", stated in the comment.

The comment also notes that the process of social and economic issues delegation to the Government should be accompanied by essential positive results so that to build public confidence in the newly restructured state. This step towards redistribution of powers from the President's Executive Office to the Executive Authority and the Parliament evidently indicates that Kazakhstan is committed to the democracy principles. Successful experience in that line will bring invaluable benefit for Kazakhstan reputation worldwide by contributing to improvement of the checks and balances system.

"Implementation of Strategic Plan till 2025 in a certain sense can complement the process of power decentralization. The Plan consists of distinct policy directions that stimulating the state to solve and overcome all problems that can appear in redistribution of powers between the President's Executive Office, the Executive Authority and the Parliament. However, to achieve the desired result the above bodies should consistently implement and ensure compliance with all the items outlined in the Plan", the Institute of Strategic and International Studies considers.

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