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Majilis Speaker: President's address outlines 10 key challenges for Kazakhstanis

10 January 2018 11:17
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Majilis Speaker: President's address outlines 10 key challenges for Kazakhstanis

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Majilis Speaker Nurlan Nigmatulin shared his thoughts on President Nazarbayev's latest State-of-the-Nation Address "New Opportunities for Development Amidst the Fourth Industrial Revolution", Kazinform reports.

Nigmatulin notes that the 2018 address is a unique document which contains a set of measures on Kazakhstan's consistent modernization amidst the fourth industrial revolution.

Digitalization and introduction of digital technologies in all spheres of life highlighted by the President in the document are the pivots which will help it become one of the leaders of the new world.

The President's State-of-the-Nation Address outlined ten key challenges for all sectors of economy and social sphere, opening new horizons for Kazakhstan.

According to Nigmatulin, the address focuses on modernization and digitalization of Kazakhstan's industry, agro-industrial complex, transport and logistics infrastructure.

The document traditionally pays utmost attention to the problems of society: introduction of state-of-the-art technologies in housing construction and utilities sector, creation of national advanced system of education, accessibility and effectiveness of medical care, and employment.

The Majilis Speaker believes that the recent address will be a driving force behind further modernization of the county. But for that to happen, all citizens of the country should help implement it.

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