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Latin-based script to give impetus to Kazakh language development - expert

11 October 2017 10:12 2858
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Latin-based script to give impetus to Kazakh language development - expert

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Transition to the Latin-based script will give a good impetus to the development of the state language, said the director of the Institute of Secondary Education at the Altynsarin National Academy of Education, Kairzhan Rakhimzhanov.

"The transition to the Latin-based script in Kazakhstan has been discussed for several years now. The introduction of the Latin-based alphabet means modernization of the Kazakh language. And modernization, in turn, shall become a good impetus for the development of the Kazakh language," he told Kazinform correspondent.

According to the expert, the new alphabet will allow for closer cooperation with other Turkic-speaking countries. Kairzhan Rakhimzhanov notes that he fully supports the switch.

"The Head of State [Nursultan Nazarbayev] has set out goals and by 2025, we have to implement them. Preparations are currently underway," said Kairzhan Rakhimzhanov.

On Monday, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev met with members of the working group on the issues of transition to the Latin-based script. During the meeting, the President was shown a draft of a unified standard of the new Kazakh alphabet, prepared taking into account the proposals received in the course of public discussions.

"No country in the world has discussed its new alphabet with the entire nation in that way. It is important for us to know the opinion of everyone. The Executive Office of the President has received over 300 appeals regarding the transition to the Latin-based alphabet. It is gratifying that young people also supported this process," the President of Kazakhstan said.


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