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Kyrgyzstan included 11 Best Outdoor Adventures in Asia

14 August 2016 18:07
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BISHKEK. KAZINFORM - Kyrgyzstan is included 11 Best Outdoor Adventures in Asia by travel writers from all over the world, contentedtraveller.com writes.

"Kyrgyzstan is one of the best countries for outdoor adventures generally, but one of my absolute favourites even in this country of so much potential is also one of the most popular: Ala-Archa National Park and the annual Alpinada festival. In a tradition that dates back into the Soviet era, on May 1st each year hundreds of hikers gather in the country's most well-known national park to make a group summit of 'Young Communist Peak'. It's a trekking peak, no real mountaineering required, but the community vibe of a sunrise wake-up and a one-day summit and back make it one of the most enjoyable hikes around," says about Kyrgyzstan.

The 11 Best Outdoor Adventures in Asia also includes:

Paragliding in the Indian Himalayas,

Horse Riding in Mongolia,

Hiking Ijen Crater in Java, Indonesia,

Ziplining at Angkor Wat, Cambodia,

Skiing in Nozawa Onsen, Japan,

Trekking in Myanmar,

Hiking and Rafting in Luang Namtha, Laos,

Zip Lining in Cambodia,

Snorkeling in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia,

Horse Trekking in Mongolia.

Source: Kabar.kg

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