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22 January 2010 15:07
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Barak Shurekuly, Kokzhal Batyr (1702-1772) was a batyr, one of the heroes-commanders who made a massive impact on the liberation war of Kazakh people against Dzhungar invaders.

He was born in Kyzyl Shar village of Kurshimsk municipality in East-Kazakhstan Oblast. He was from Yergenekty-Kokzharly tribe of Naiman stem from Middle Zhuz.

In his family he was the second son between his brothers - Zhamankul and Bassar. When he was 16 years old he took part in his first struggle during the war against Dzhungar people.

With his mastery in martial art he can be referred to such famous batyrs as Karakerey Kabanbay, Kanzhigaly Bogenbay, Shakshauly Zhanibek and others. People called him Kokzhal Barak. Famous poet Bukhar Zhyrau created a song devoted to Kokzhal Batyr.

According to the data of most historical sources the territory of now Kurchum municipality was under the control of Dzhungar tribes for a long time. Barak Batyr together with his warriors released this land from Dzhungar tribes.

Abylai Khan awarded Barak Batyr with the territory on the right side of Kurchum River for his feats. Now this place is called Terekty-Bulak whereas his residents are the descendants of Barak Batyr.

He died when he was 70 years old, according to some sources he was buried on the South of Kazakhstan.

Source: Kazakhstan, National Encyclopedia, Volume 2.

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