Kazinform General Director: Kazakhstan and China humanitarian cooperation makes progress
24 October 2016 19:12

Kazinform General Director: Kazakhstan and China humanitarian cooperation makes progress

NANJING. KAZINFORM - Assel Tulegenova, Kazinform General Director, who is a participant of the first media cooperation forum Silk Way in Nanjing, told about partnership between Kazakhstan and China in the humanitarian sphere, Kazinform reports.

"There is certain progress in humanitarian cooperation between our countries in the recent years - the number of contacts between scientists, people of culture and art between the two countries is growing increasingly. There are over 11 thousand Kazakhstan students in China which is the highest number of foreign students in the People's Republic of China. In Kazakhstan there are four Institutes of Confucius ", she said, speaking at the panel session titled "Media's Role in Promoting Understanding Between People".

Since the end of 2015, according to Assel Tulegenova, the number of Kazakhstan centers which serve as platforms in public diplomacy for popularization of the history, language and culture of Kazakhstan is growing increasingly in China. For instance, the first Kazakhstan center in the People's Republic of China was opened on November 16, 2015 at Shanghai University of Foreign Languages. Another center was established on December 13 the same year at Beijing University of Foreign Languages. Later on January 8, 2016 one more center appeared at Dalian University of Foreign Languages. In 2017 one more center will be opened at Xian University of Foreign Languages.

"Such a dynamics proves that Chinese scholars and public are keen on Kazakhstan. At the same time I should also note the increasing interest of Kazakhstan people in the events in China associated with implementation of such programs as One Zone- One Way, the Digital Silk Way and Informative Silk Way," she noted.

Wide audience follows the news about the achievements of the two countries' partnership from mass media, and it is big responsibility to delivery timely authentic and quality information to the population and strengthen mutual understanding and reapproachment of the two nations.

Assel Tulegenova reminded that at present there is a group of Chinese news agencies operating in Kazakhstan such as Renmin Zhibao and Guangming Zhibao newspapers, Xinhua news Agency, the International radio of China, the Central Television of China "CCTV".

"Kazinform international news agency is one of the main and old friends and partners of China's leading media companies in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Last year we accomplished 95. For today we are the only media company having an office in China. Our intention is to continue to expand and strengthen practical cooperation with our Chinese partners. In particular, in the nearest future Renminwang and Kazinform plan to introduce new headings on a mutual basis to publish the news of our agencies", she said.

The General Director of Kazinform told briefly about the political, trade and economic, financial and investment cooperation between Kazakhstan and China and invited to visit EXPO-2017.

"The next year will be year of tourism of China in Kazakhstan. According to preliminary queries of Chinese travel operators, over half a million Chinese tourists will come to Astana for EXPO. We hope that more people from China and other countries will learn about more about Kazakhstan due to EXPO-2017 ", Assel Tulegenova said.

The first forum of media cooperation is being held as part of the "EXPO of the historical and cultural cities of the world". The organizers are the Publishing Office of literature in foreign languages and the administration of Nanjing with support and assistance of China Pictorial publishing house, press office of Nanjing and the Nanking Corporation of broadcasting, cinematography and television.

The main topic of the forum is "unity of opinions, joint construction and use of fruits of common efforts: media cooperation within One Zone - One Way program". Representatives of 20 media companies from 13 countries located along "One Zone - One Way" are taking part in it.

The event includes three panel discussions: "New Chances and Challenges of Media Cooperation in Joint Construction of the Silk Way", " Media's Role in Promoting Understanding Between People", "Images of the Cities 'of One Zone, One Way" and promotion of cultural knowledge on the international scene".

The forum is to result in achievement of "the Nanking consensus".