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Kazakhstanis to enjoy visa-free travel to 76 countries in 2023

11 January 2023, 14:12

BAKU. KAZINFORM Kazakhstan’s passport ranks 70th in the updated ranking of Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index for 2023, which enables our nationals to travel to 76 countries of the world without visas, Kazinform correspondent reports citing the organization’s report.

Last year, Kazakhstan’s passport was placed 73rd in the ranking.

According to the ranking authors, Japanese passport is the strongest in the world. The citizens of this country may enjoy visa-free travel to 193 out of 227 countries. Singapore and South Korea stand second both holding 192nd line. The weakest passport is issued by Afghanistan, whose citizens may visit only 27 countries without visas. The country occupies the last 109th position.


Temirgaliyeva Arailym

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