Kazakhstan to increase educational grants by 2025
20 May 2022 15:40

Kazakhstan to increase educational grants by 2025

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM «Kazakhstan plans to increase the number of state scholarships by 50% by 2025,» Deputy PM Yeraly Tugzhanov told the parliamentary hearings on the youth policy held today in Nur-Sultan.

Tugzhanov highlighted that 10,000 educational grants will be allocated to the regions. He added that students’ allowances will grow by 20% annually by 2025, and allowances for master’s degree and PhD students will increase by 15%. There are 130,000 students and PhD students in the country. The Deputy PM stressed that one of the pressing issues for students is the lack of dorms. Dorms for 30,000 beds were built over the past three years. Notably, 31 dorms for 10,000 students will be put into operation this year.

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