Kazakhstan to build 9 more water reservoirs by 2025
2 June 2022 12:25

Kazakhstan to build 9 more water reservoirs by 2025

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM «Kazakhstan will build 9 more water reservoirs by 2025 with a capacity to accumulate 1.7 cu km,» Vice Minister of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan Serik Kozhanyazov said.

«7 out of 8 present river basins are transboundary. The volume of water delivery is markedly affected by both climatic factors and hydro-economic activities of the countries located along the riverheads. Under these circumstances, the needs of water ecosystems are met by a leftover principle. This is the key problem of the Aral Sea and Balkhash. Due to the low efficiency of water use per unit Kazakhstan spends water three times as much as Russia and the U.S, and six times as much as Australia,» the Vice Minister told the II International Ecological Congress ECOJER.

He added that Kazakhstan launched Green Kazakhstan, Strong regions are the country’s development drivers, and 2025 agro-industrial complex development national projects to solve water problems.

Kozhaniyazov stressed that the Head of State assigned to develop the new Water Code. Adoption of the new code and improvement of legislation will create conditions to help preserve the country’s water resources and introduce water-saving economic incentives.