Kazakhstan's new products manufactured over last 7 years
22 August 2017 13:45

Kazakhstan's new products manufactured over last 7 years

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Manufacturing of about 500 new types of products has started in Kazakhstan over the last seven years, Kazinform cites the First Vice Minister for Investment and Development, Alik Aidarbayev.

"Kazakhstan has established manufacturing of about 500 new types of products, which were not manufactured before: freight and passenger railway carriages, electric locomotives, trucks, cars and buses, transformer, X-ray equipment, LED lights, titanium ingots and slabs, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, etc.," Alik Aidarbayev told a Government press briefing.

According to him, for years of the industrialization program (2010-2014 and 2015-2019), 1,060 projects for a total of KZT 5.1 trillion have been implemented, while 100,000 permanent jobs have been created.

"In total, the implemented projects have manufactured products worth nearly KZT 8 trillion, including KZT 2.2 trillion in 2016, since the start of the industrialization program. On average, the implemented projects under the Industrialization Map manufacture products for over KZT 180 billion a month," the First Vice Minister said.

In addition, the Industrialization Map projects resulted in 18.5% (KZT 1.4 trillion) of the total manufacturing in 2016. In H2 2017, it is planned to implement over 100 projects for nearly KZT 1 trillion providing 10,000 people with permanent employment.