Kazakhstan's mall owners urged to step up fire safety
28 March 2018 14:04

Kazakhstan's mall owners urged to step up fire safety

ALMATY. KAZINFORM - The owners of shopping malls of Almaty and Astana cities have been called to join the memorandum with the Department of Emergency Situations. Director of ASTANA Group Nurlan Smagulov told the meeting with media and bloggers, Kazinform has learnt from the press service of MEGA shopping mall.

"We think that it is not enough to inspect the premises of shopping malls once a year, therefore, we want to sign a memorandum with the Departments of Emergency Situations of Almaty and Astana to conduct extraordinary inspections for security as often as they think necessary. And I call other owners of trade centers, mayors of Almaty and Astana cities as well as regional centers to join this memorandum, so that people could trust our trade centers. We want them to be able to come at any time and conduct inspections on a regular basis and have no legislative restrictions for doing that. We sign this memorandum on a voluntary basis and suggest other trade centers signing it too," Nurlan Smagulov said.

On March 27, 2018 the trade and entertainment center MEGA Alma-Ata had scheduled fire and evacuation drill and a fire safety briefing. According to the scenario, there occurred an ignition in the cinema area. The fire alarm, notification and evacuation control systems got activated. The visitors were shown 46 evacuation ways. Simultaneously the fire brigade of MEGA Alma-Ata was extinguishing the simulated fire. In case of a real fire regardless the space more than 20 fire engines of the municipal service and four ladders will arrive to the signal.

"Regular firefighting drill conducted at the trade center show that it takes 10 minutes for the visitors to get evacuated," the press release reads. Schedule drills are conducted at each MEGA once a month.

As reported, the large fire at the shopping mall in Kemerovo, Russia, took lives of 64 people and injured 76 people. In many cities of Kazakhstan there have been held campaigns in memory of the demised.