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Kazakhstan records high birth rates despite global trend

1 February 2023, 17:58
Kazakhstan records high birth rates despite global trend

ASTANA. KAZINFORM «Kazakhstan records the high birth rates despite the global trend,» head of the Family Studies Center of Kazakhstan Institute of Social Development Zhuldyz Battalova told a briefing.

«In spite of the global birth decline trend and the start of the second demographic transition, Kazakhstan maintains high birth rates. Marriage and birth rates are higher among the representatives of the Kazakh ethnic group as compared to the Russian and other ethnic groups,» Battalova said representing the Kazakhstani Families 2022 National Report.

Many parents are concerned over children’s dependency on gadgets, social networks and the internet, quality, and availability of children’s sports sections. Besides, studies claim 38.6% of parents have no opportunity to spend time with their children every day.

Notably, the number of abortions dropped from 78,900 to 71,800 in Kazakhstan between 2016 and 2021.

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