Kazakhstan provides incredible conditions for business support within WTO - A.Degtyaryova, Happy Farm Founder
6 August 2015 14:45

Kazakhstan provides incredible conditions for business support within WTO - A.Degtyaryova, Happy Farm Founder

ALMATY. KAZINFORM - Kazakhstan's authorities provide incredible conditions for business support, especially within the WTO accession. This, in turn, boosts the country's further economic development, Director General and Founder of Happy Farm, the US business-accelerator, Anna Degtyaryova says.

"It is well known that the US GDP is formed from small and medium businesses. The higher this index is the better the American economy works. When it decreases, the government of the country raises alarm and studies why people do not want to do their business. For this reason the US launches a great number training and investment programs," she told in an interview to Kazinform.

Degtyaryova says that there are a few countries in the world where the governments actively support the startups and offer grants, loans and other young businessmen support projects. According to her, Kazakhstan's actions on support of small and medium businesses and youth initiatives are phenomenal and amazing in this regard. "And it is very important, taking into account that technologies change our life and the image of our planet. Nowadays we cannot do anything without messengers, while only a century ago the couriers had been waited for several years", she notes.

People who create such technologies are students, young experts, businessmen. They launch billions-worth companies without significant expense. IT business does not require crazy investment and sophisticated equipment.

"For instance, if I decide to do business in oil or mineral resources sector, I will need huge investment and equipment. And if I want to launch my own website providing a service and earn money from it, I can develop this website myself. And the only thing I will need is a computer worth 300 US dollars. I won't need an office, at last", the business-accelerator adds.

She thinks that those young people who create such technologies and give them to large business, change the image of the country and economy in whole. This helps to simplify and speed up many complicated procedures (e.g. e-Government, automated post offices in Kazpost building).

These technologies were developed from the startups of young businessmen and were offered to large corporations and holdings. When the latter offer to support the young startupers and solve problematic issues, revolutions in technologies take place.

That's why the startups will play a very important role in the country's economy within the WTO. The more startups, the more jobs will be and the more powerful the country will become.

"The startup movement in Kazakhstan is at a developing stage to date. There are few international teams needing private investment," she says.

"The next stage of development is the involvement of private companies to the investing process. Among those who actively help startup movements are such well-known Kazakhstani businessmen as Kenes Rakishev, Kairat Mazhibayev and Vyacheslav Kim", the American expert notes.