Kazakhstan produces 20 EC-145 helicopters (PHOTOS)
13 May 2014 15:27

Kazakhstan produces 20 EC-145 helicopters (PHOTOS)

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering Ltd. has released 20 new EC-145 helicopters, representative of the company Mukhametkali Kazambayev announced at a press conference on Tuesday.

"20 new helicopters have been assembled at the enterprise - 14 for the Ministry of Emergencies and 6 - for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We also plan to produce new aircrafts for the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources and the Ministry of Healthcare," Mr. Kazambayev noted.

He also stressed that the EC-145 helicopters are perfectly designed for operation under severe weather conditions.

"In the future the company is set to produce another model of helicopters - EC-649," he added.

Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering Ltd. was set up by "NC "Kazakhstan Engineering" JSC and EADS Eurocopter in December 2010.
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