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Kazakhstan laid basis of well equipped sea forces by strengthening its defense potential - Commander-in-Chief of Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan Z. Zhanzakov

8 May 2012 16:30 2119
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Kazakhstan laid basis of well equipped sea forces by strengthening its defense potential -  Commander-in-Chief of Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan Z. Zhanzakov

ASTANA. May 8. KAZINFORM  Kazakhstan as an independent state has modern, well equipped Armed Forces, which are able to offer rebuff to any aggressor. The Naval Forces are the key part of Kazakhstan's Armed Forces, Kazakh Commander-in-Chief of Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan Zhandarbek Zhanzakov, told in an interview to Kazinform correspondent.

Zhandarbek Saduyevich, please tell us about Kazakhstan's Naval Forces.
First of all, Kazakhstan's Naval Forces has a big progress in terms of technical equipment, personnel training and staffing of departments.  History of the Naval Forces of Kazakhstan dates back to April 2, 1993, when President Nazarbayev signed the presidential decree on the establishment of the Navy. On May 7, 2003 the Army, Air Force and Defense Navy were formed in the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan. From the outset,  the leadership of the country, first of all, Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev paid a special attention to the development of the Navy.

During these 20 years much work has been done at all levels. It should be noted that if the ground forces and air defense forces were formed on the basis of the existing parts of the Central Asian Military District, the naval forces in the Soviet period in Kazakhstan were absent. Their formation and development started from scratch.

Currently, training is carried out primarily on the basis of international treaties - in the naval educational institutions of Russia, Turkey, Germany, China, South Korea, Pakistan and the United States. Moreover, if previously we offered training to officers, currently naval officers receive an academic education.

The second direction of the Navy is equipping them  with modern weapons.  At one time it was the right decision on the development and implementation of a large shipbuilding program.  Kazakhstani companies had been explored  and plant "Zenit" in Uralsk was selected in order to start Kazakhstan's shipbuilding. This program was successfully implemented and Kazakhstan became a shipbuilding nation. The ship manufacturer built and delivered to the Navy  more than 17 units of ships and boats of different classes. On April 25 this year,the first rocket-artillery ship was launched. This is a great achievement for our military-industrial complex.

  us about  the preparation of  sailors  for short-term  and contract  service.
A brigade of Marines stationed in Aktau has been established a long time ago. Training center for junior officers  was established there as well. This center, except for military training and naval term contract-based service, is engaged in preparation and mobilization reserve for the entire western region. Civilians who have not served in the army, but became 28 years of age, undergo monthly training at the center. This year 140 people took this training - they studied the tactics of the statutes, marched, did chemical trainings, shot the allotted number of rounds of ammunition at the shooting range.

How is combat training conducted in the  Navy?
One of the major events of the past year were exercises which were held under the auspices of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). Every year we carry out various exercises and work on interaction with all kinds of troops and the Nation Security  Committee border forces. We also interact with the naval forces of neighboring states. Command-staff and army tactical exercies are held annually. Last year "Commonwealth-2011" exercises were carried out involving the whole staff of the Naval Forces of Kazakhstan and the personnel of the Navy Caspian Flotilla of Russia.

In addition to the Caspian states, we closely cooperate with the U.S. Navy. Annually 3-4 persons specially trained on the ships of the 5th Fleet of the U.S. Navy in the Persian Gulf. We also organize various trainings with fleets of Turkey and other countries.

How will naval forces of Kazakhstan be developed in the future?

First of all, we do not aim to create a very large naval force. They should be small in number, but mobile and well equipped with modern weapons and military equipment. Because we aim at quality rather than quantity. I am confident that this task will be achieved. Over the past three years the budget of the Navy was increased threefold almost every year.

What is being done in terms of social protection of the Naval  Forces?
Taking into account the specifics of the service in the Navy, we pay great attention to the social issues. Last year we presented a 120-apartment house in Aktau for our troops. This year a 120-apartment building will also be put into commission. In future we plan to provide housing for military officers, in accordance with the new law on social protection of servicemen, or they will received compensation.

In conclusion, I would like to congratulate all soldiers, especially veterans, who were at the origins of the armed forces, on our professional holiday. I wish them all good health, happiness and success in life and peaceful sky over our country - the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Thanks  for the interview.



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