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Kazakhstan faces rising shortage of mid-level skilled workers

30 November 2022, 16:38
Kazakhstan faces rising shortage of mid-level skilled workers

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – Employment of college graduates is mere 65.8% in Kazakhstan, Kazinform correspondent reports.

The employment of college graduates stands at 65.8%, of whom a mere 49.8% are employed in their specialties in Kazakhstan, Majilis deputy Dzhamilya Nurmanbetova said.

She went on to add that the country increases financing of technical and vocational education on a yearly basis as well as large funds to modernize workshops and laboratories with modern equipment are allocated.

Employers’ interest in joint training of technical and vocational specialists remains at a low level in the country. The share of students studying under the state order covered with dual education is 18.6%. There are a number of colleges training in specialties in low demand. For instance, employment in traffic management, operating railway operational and technological communication equipment is less than 17%.

«Each year, over 300 thousand young people reach the employment age. As of today, they make up 60% of all employed. The figure is to rise to 80% by 2030,» he said.

As Nurmanbetova said, 56.3% of those employed are engaged in low productivity jobs. According to experts, it is expected that 15.2% of all vacancies will be accounted for by unskilled workers.

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