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Kazakhstan exports its Sergek road safety system to Uzbekistan

30 January 2023, 13:43
Kazakhstan exports its Sergek  road safety system to Uzbekistan

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Sergek intelligent and road safety system has been installed in Namangan city of Uzbekistan , Kazinform has learned from the press service of KazakhExport.

Namangan is Uzbekistan’s second largest and most populated city after Tashkent.

Sergek is a product of Kazakhstan-based Sergek Group. It detects incorrect lane changes before the intersection, crossing the stop lines and driving in the bus lane. Sergek detects also speed limit violations, red light running, and stopping in the wrong place.

The project was implemented at the expense of private investors, with subsidies from the state, namely, through JSC KazakhExport insurance company.

The system has already been certified as per the Uzbek legislation. 25 devices will register traffic violations on 13 sections of the city and districts of Namangan region.

The project was launched under the support of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Trade and Integration and the Ministry of Digital Development and Aerospace Industry.

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