Kazakhstan detected 2.2 mln flu cases since October

Zhanna Nurmaganbetova
28 December 2022, 13:39

Kazakhstan detected 2.2 mln flu cases since October

ASTANA. KAZINFORM «Since October 1 Kazakhstan recorded 2.2 mln flu and acute respiratory viral infection cases,» Vice Minister of Healthcare-chief sanitary doctor Aizhan Yesmagambetova said at today’s press conference at the Central Communications Service.

She noted that the flu season epidemic started early this winter in the European region. 100,000 laboratory-confirmed flu cases were registered in 125 countries around the world, including 97.9% of A flu type and 2.1% of B type.

Since the beginning of the influenza season, October 1, 2022, Kazakhstan recorded 2.2 mln of acute respiratory viral infection cases and 2,284 flu cases. 65% of cases fall on children under 14 years old. The flu morbidity grew this year by 10% as compared to last October-April.

The Vice Minister said that some 2.4 million people or 12.7% of the country’s total population were vaccinated against flu in October countrywide.

Some 90% of people who have flu are treated at home.

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