Kazakhstan channeled KZT 900 bln for fight against COVID-19

Zhanna Nurmaganbetova
18 May 2022, 14:03

Kazakhstan channeled KZT 900 bln for fight against COVID-19

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM «In 2020 Kazakhstan allocated KZT 252 bln for the fight against coronavirus,» Kazakh Healthcare Minister Azhar Giniyat said.

«Of which 28 bln was channeled for buying drugs, medical equipment, personal protective means, and KZT 197 bln for extra payments for doctors, travel expenses, mainly, of employees of the sanitary and epidemiological services. Besides, KZT 20 bln in 2020 was allotted for paying health workers, including KZT 5 bln for purchasing lung ventilators,» the Minister added.

As stated there, in 2021 Kazakhstan allocated KZT 556 bln for fighting the pandemic. There were three coronavirus waves last year. KZT 97 bln was spent for syringes, vaccines, and COVID-19 diagnostics, while KZT 413 bln for extra payments to health workers and trip expenses, and KZT 40 for hospital treatment.

The Minister added this year it is expected to provide KZT 86 bln. Of which KZT 9 bln was allotted for VeroCell and QazVac vaccine procurement, KZT 20 bln for Pfizer vaccine. In total Kazakhstan spent over KZT 890 bln for fighting COVID-19.

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