Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia sign KZT 60 B worth contracts
25 October 2016 21:02

Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia sign KZT 60 B worth contracts

RIYADH.KAZINFORM. Contracts to the amount of KZT 60 billion have been signed during the official visit of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbyev to Saudi Arabia.

"It all began with the meeting of our businessmen, - the President said to journalists. We have met with the "captains" of business. In total our business community, ministers and departments have signed 10 contracts to the amount of KZT 60 billion. The most significant projects are construction of poultry factory in South Kazakhstan, food production in Akmola and other regions, cooperation in oil and gas, metallurgy and chemistry.

"There are working projects already. We have 17 joint ventures operating. Logistical difficulties create obstacles in enhancing trade and goods turnover. Therefore we have agreed to set up a Road Map, bilateral intergovernmental commission, a working group for different sectors of economy for the future work. The most important is the agreement on creation of a joint investment fund to finance joint projects", the President said.