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Kazakhstan's unemployment rate falls to 4.9%

13 February 2018 14:59 2157
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Kazakhstan's unemployment rate falls to 4.9%

ASTANA. KAZINFORM The number of unemployed in Kazakhstan in January 2018 was estimated at 440.3 thousand or 4.9%, which is less than the previous number of 5% in December, Kazinform refers to the Statistics Committee of the Ministry of National Economy.

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As of the end of January, 92.6 thousand people, or 1% of the economically active population, were registered as unemployed.

The level of hidden unemployment in October-December last year was 0.3% or 24.9 thousand people of the labor force.

According to the Committee's data, the number of employed in Kazakhstan as of January 2018 was 8.5 million, of whom 75.8% or 6.4 million were employees.

As of the 4Q17, out of the total number of self-employed in Kazakhstan, the share of productively employed was 87.6%, while unproductively employed made up 12.4%.


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