Kazakh National Cultural Center in Uzbekistan marks 30th anniversary
10 June 2022 14:20

Kazakh National Cultural Center in Uzbekistan marks 30th anniversary

TASHKENT. KAZINFORM A science to practice conference on «Kazakhs of Uzbekistan: Contribution to Economy, Science and Culture» dedicated to the 30th anniversary of establishment of the Kazakh National Cultural Center in Uzbekistan was held in Tashkent, Kazinform correspondent reports.

Welcoming the attendees, Chairman of the Committee for Inter-Ethnic Relations at the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan Rustambek Kurbanov said that the Kazakhs of Uzbekistan hold a worthy place in economic, scientific and cultural life and socio-political life of the republic thus contributing to the development of the country’s economic and spiritual power.

«The Kazakh Cultural Center holds a special place in Uzbekistan. We do not use the term «diaspora» in regards to the Kazakh, Kyrgyz, and Tajik people because we have been living here for a long time,» he said.

He reminded that the Kazakh National Cultural Center was established 30 years ago and today it has branches almost in all areas of the country.

«More than 800 Kazakhs are living in Uzbekistan nowadays. 370 Kazakh-language schools are functioning in our country,» he added.

President of Otandastar Foundation Abzal Saparbekuly emphasized mutual contribution of two countries to ensuring common prosperity of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

«History proves that 4-5 centuries ago our fraternal Turkic nations hugely contributed to the development of the countries on the Eurasian space. We should not forget about our historical roots and should properly pass them down to our future generations,» he added.

Leading experts from the universities of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan discussed the contribution of certain people, representatives of intellectual community to the development of the two states’ science and culture.

«In cultural and humanitarian dimension, the national cultural centers are deemed to be a ‘golden bridge’ connecting our countries, because all the events on strengthening our friendship and cooperation have been organized on their ground. The friendly ties between our nations, commonality of cultures, language, religion and traditions play a significant role in development of a mutually beneficial cooperation,» representative of Otandastar Foundation Kalybek Koblandin said.

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