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Kazakh-Kyrgyz border to be internationally formalized

12 September 2018 20:29 351
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Kazakh-Kyrgyz border to be internationally formalized

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Today the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved the Draft Law on the Ratification of the Agreement between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Kyrgyzstan on the demarcation of the border of the two countries, Kazinform correspondent reports.

The agreement was signed on December 25, 2017, in Astana by the heads of state, within the framework of the official visit of President of the Kyrgyz Republic Sooronbai Jeenbekov to Kazakhstan.

According to Mukhtar Tleuberdin, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the agreement is mainly aimed at international legal confirmation of the borderline between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

"Following the demarcation of the border, the length of the national border reached 1,257.07 kilometers. 1,055 boundary pillars have been installed along the borderline," the deputy minister said.

He maintains that this agreement is permanent and cannot be denounced. The entry into force of the agreement will ensure the completion of the process of international legal formalization of Kazakhstan's frontier and preclude territorial disputes with the Kyrgyz Republic.

"One of the main directions of Kazakhstan's foreign policy is the international legal formalization of the national border that makes it possible to ensure the national security of our country. Under current geopolitical conditions, the early completion of the demarcation of the border is of particular importance for ensuring the territorial integrity of the state, inviolability of the borders and prevention of threats to the sovereignty of the country," Mr. Tleuberdin said.

During the discussion, the deputies highlighted the Kazakh President's great contribution to the demarcation of the national border.

"Since the first day of Independence, President Nursultan Nazarbayev has given particular attention to the legal formalization of the national border. In his book The Age of Independence, the President noted: 'It is impossible to express the historic importance of political confirmation of the national border of Kazakhstan, its legal formalization and recognition at the international level. The demarcation of the national border, which is open to friends and closed to the enemies, confirmed the sovereignty of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ensured a stable peace for a long time.'

The national border is a crucial international principle, enshrined in the UN Charter and the Final Act of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe of 1975. In view of this, the agreement is of particular significance for our country," said deputy Kozhakhan Zhabagiyev.

According to him, the agreement complements the legal framework between the two countries that consists of more than 150 documents.

"In a word, today's agreement completes the process of international legal formalization of the frontier between the fraternal countries, creates a solid foundation for mutual respect between the two states, their equality and territorial integrity," the MP said.

The bill will be submitted to the Senate.


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