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Kazakh inventor develops cheaper bionic prostheses

15 August 2018 19:55
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Kazakh inventor develops cheaper bionic prostheses

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Young inventor Maulen Bekturganov, a participant of '100 New Faces of Kazakhstan' project, told what kinds of bionic prostheses are being manufactured at his enterprise, Kazinform correspondent reports.

Maulen Bekturganov said that '100 New Faces of Kazakhstan' project motivates him to improve in work and search for new ideas.

"I develop bionic prostheses. Our enterprise is based in Almaty. For now, we have already manufactured a fourth prosthesis. In contrast to foreign prices, ours are more than a dozen times lower. Each customer requires an individual approach. The cost of the prosthesis starts from KZT 500,000. We make exercise equipment, traction prostheses, elbow prostheses, prosthetic legs, we develop corsets for wheelchair users so that they could start walking," Maulen Bekturganov told reporters.

In addition, his workshop manufactures bionic prostheses for children as no one in Kazakhstan makes such types. It should be mentioned that Maulen became a participant in the National Youth Educational Camp on the shore of Lake Zerenda in Akmola region.

"I would like to say that such meetings are favorable for the development of thinking among young people, demonstrating an example of how others made a reality of their businesses, how they started and what they faced. Over the last two or three years, among young people, there has been a trend to engage in start-ups, applications, robotics. This industry is now on the rise. The main thing is to get youth interested and willing to start trying. I think that in 10 years there will be a boom, when we everybody will use domestic products: Kazakhstan-produced applications, devices, etc.," the young inventor concluded.

It is to be recalled that the National Youth Educational Camp opened in the Zerenda resort area in Akmola region. Over 300 leaders of youth organizations, entrepreneurs, and winners of the project "100 New Faces of Kazakhstan" gathered here. The camp is held from 12th to 26th August.

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