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Kazakh expedition returned from South Pole

11 January 2017 09:35
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Kazakh expedition returned from South Pole

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Members of the Pole of Independence ski expedition - Magzhan Sagimbayev, Ilyas Galimbekov, Yury Yushin and Daulet Sharipov - were warmly welcomed at the Almaty Airport.

Recall that Kazakhstani pioneers of the South Pole have walked 217km. Magzhan Sagimbayev and Ilyas Galimbekov hoisted the State Flag of Kazakhstan at the Vinson Peak of the Antarctic Continent on the occasion of the 25th jubilee of Kazakhstan’s Independence. The travelers even had to celebrate the New Year holiday surrounded by eternal ice.

As it was planned, the expedition reached 90° of south latitude – the point where all the meridians of the Earth meet in 10 days. Every day, the expedition walked 20km. In whole, the team passed 217km across the Antarctic desert.

This is second expedition of the Kazakhstan Geographic Society to the Antarctic Continent. The first one took place in December 2011. Following the last expedition and due to interaction with governmental structures, in November 2014 President Nazarbayev signed a Decree on accession of Kazakhstan to the Antarctic Treaty as of 1959. After the completion of the Pole of Independence expedition, the country plans to initiate establishment of an automated research station on the Antarctic Continent.

The Pole of Independence expedition was organized under the aegis of the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan and under the support of the Kazakh National Geographic Society.

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