Kazakh Embassy in Singapore held briefing for diplomatic corps, mass media and businessmen
20 November 2018 09:27

Kazakh Embassy in Singapore held briefing for diplomatic corps, mass media and businessmen

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Last week, the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Singapore held Briefing for the representatives of diplomatic corps, political, scientific, business circles and media on the main provisions of the State-of-the-Nation Address of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev "Growing Welfare of Kazakh Citizens: Increase in Income and Quality of Life" as of 5 October 2018, the MFA informed on its website.

Ambassador Usen Suleimen stated that the policy which President Nazarbayev Kazakhstan has been promoting over the years of independence allowed create strong economy with a solid political system and peaceful multinational society. The country joined 50 top countries and turned into a modern progressive state thanks to the implementation of qualitative and historically significant political and economic reforms. Kazakhstan has achieved an increasing international prestige and enhanced its geopolitical role in the Central Asian region and in the world as a whole.

The Ambassador further stressed that "in a rapidly changing world, including shifts in the foundations of the global security system and in the rules of the international trade, as well as with the development of new technologies that facilitated the increase of requirements towards labour force, the Address of President Nazarbayev appears as a "roadmap" of the country's development aimed at ensuring development of the main wealth of the state - human capital. All six main priorities stipulated in the Address embrace the whole range of tasks, the solution of which in the social sector will allow achieve an increase in the income and quality of life of Kazakh citizens.

The President's Address aroused a great interest among the audience present. In particular, Mr.Eric Lee, Director of the Department of China, Central Asia and Europe of the Singapore Cooperation Agency, noted that "Kazakhstan has achieved impressive economic and social progress under the leadership of President Nursultan Nazarbayev from the first day of independence. The well-thought-out plans and the text of the State of the Nation Address testify to the deep vision of the President of Kazakhstan about that what should be done to achieve the goal".

Mr. Eduardo Ramos-Gomez, Partner of the law firm "Duane Morris and Selvam LLP" (Former Ambassador of Mexico in Singapore) stated: "I am a big fan of Kazakhstan, and I am pleased with the mood and focus of the State-of-the-Nation Address to the people of Kazakhstan. First, I was greatly impressed by the importance attached to each individual citizen of Kazakhstan. As you know, the greatness of a country lies in the greatness of its people. Secondly, I note that attention is not limited to every citizen, but focuses on strengthening relations between citizens and the government. Thirdly, an important addition to this is, as I see it, the fact that your President has demonstrated commitment to strengthening the rule of law. Strong, independent and transparent institutions are needed to gain confidence in the government of the country not only from citizens, but also from foreign investors who are willing to cooperate with Kazakhstan and many are already cooperating".

Dr. John Fong, Executive Director of "SP Jain" University in Singapore - School of Global Management, welcomed President Nazarbayev's efforts to increase spending on education, science and health by 10% over the next 5 years. He emphasized that "the 4C Model (development of creativity, critical thinking, communication skills and teamwork) is already included in the Singapore Government Education Policy in the field of education. Also, emphasis on sport and physical education is very necessary and should be encouraged".

All in all, participants of the Briefing noted that the substantive part of the State of the Nation Address is highly evaluated. It contains valuable information for any international reader who wants to get acquainted with the achievements and development of Kazakhstan.