Kazakh children celebrated Nauryz in Beijing
18 March 2017 16:20

Kazakh children celebrated Nauryz in Beijing

BEIJING. KAZINFORM On March 18, Kazakh Embassy to China has arranged a celebration of Nauryz Meiramy (Nauryz Holiday), according to Kazinform special correspondent in China.

After welcoming words by Kazakh Ambassador ‘s spouse Aliya Nurysheva, Kydyr Ata's Bata (blessing) and Shashu ceremony the guests saw a holiday concert: the girls performed dance Nauryz , Muslima Daiyn sang "Tughan zherdey zher bolmas", Ramazan Sarsen performed kui "Balbyrauyn", Assem Kabaziyeva sang "Tughan zherim". The concert's participants were awarded with commemorative certificates.
A Kazakh yurt was installed in the yard of the Embassy, and children tasted Nauryz kozhe, bawyrsaks, manti, pilaf and other Kazakh foods cooked by the spouses of the diplomats and the representatives of Kazakh national companies.

"We arranged a celebration of Nauryz Meiramy holiday for children so that far from Kazakhstan they could not forget their culture, traditions and could know that Nauryz Meiramy is our New Year holiday", Chairperson of Kazakh Women Council in Beijing Gaukhar Shamshiyeva told Kazinform correspondent.

A 6-year old girl, Aknur Mukhametkali shared her impressions of the celebration. "Today is an interesting holiday and everyone looks very beautiful in Kazakh costumes. We played in yurt, saw a concert, drank Nauryz kozhe and ate bawyrsaks. Nauryz always comes in spring and everybody gets cheerful", she said.

Despite air pollution (PM2.5 - 181 mg per cu m, РМ10 - 217 per cu m), spring sunny weather, performances by children, ethnic costumes, dishes and music made a festive atmosphere that can only be felt when celebrating Nauryz meiramy in Motherland.

It should be recalled that a few days before Kazakh Embassy to China hosted a celebration of Nauryz Meiramy for female ambassadors and wives of the diplomatic missions heads accredited in Beijing.