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4 August 2009 13:36
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KABYLISA, KABAN AKYN (133-1824) - outstanding public figure of the XVIII century, descending from Zhalayir tribe of the Great Zhuz. While alive he was called Kaban Akyn for his pride and temper, bravery, heroism and sharp tongue.

Kaban akyn was born on the coast of the Syrdariya River. He made great contribution to unification of Zhalayirs and their return to the area of the Ili and Karatal Rivers.

In his poems Kaban akyn calls the nation to faith. His works and thoughts prove good knowledge of Islam. Although his manuscripts have not been preserved it is known that such famous akyns as Suyinbai, Sarbas and Baktybai considered him as a teacher and spiritual advisor.

Kaban akyn left many aphorisms. For nomadic Kazakhs who had no schools Kaban akyn opened essence and meaning of many life phenomena. Living in harmony, peace and friendship is the main theme of his poetry.

Source: Book "Historical Figures"

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