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8 September 2009 19:37
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Iztleuov Turmagambet (1882-1939) is a translator, akyn. He was born in Karmakshin municipality of Kyzylorda region. In 1896-1899 he attended the village school, Mir Arab and Kokeltash medreses in Bukhara. He worked as a school teacher in Commissariat of Peoples Education of the Kazakh SSR.

At the age of 14 he wrote his first fable 'Black Bug', at the age of 18 years he wrote poem 'Dekhanin Mardi'. During his life he created ten poems. He supported the national-liberation uprising of 1916 in Kazakhstan.

The most part of his creations are rubai, lyrical poems, aphorisms, fables and improvisations. He also participated in the First National Congress of Peoples Talents in 1934.

T. Iztleuov has a significant value not only for the Kazakh nation, Kazakhstan and modern development of the Kazakhstan society but for the world community as a whole. As he translated Firdausi Shakhname poem into Kazakh language the part of which (Rustem-Dastan) was published in 1961 as a separate book. The works of T. Iztleuov were included into the collections in Kazakh language as 'Poets of Three Centuries', 'Poems of Five Centuries'.

He was arrested in 1937 and died two years later.

Source: Kazakhstan, National Encyclopedia, Volume 5.

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