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Industrial turnover up 18% in 2022 in Italy

28 February 2023, 21:51
Industrial turnover up 18% in 2022 in Italy Photo:

ROME. KAZINFORM - Italy's industrial turnover rose 18% in 2022, ISTAT said Tuesday, Kazinform cites ANSA.

Industry turnover registered overall in 2022 a «sustained» annual growth of 18%, although decelerating compared to the previous year, the national statistics agency said.

ISTAT said the economic trend was characterised by a strong expansion in the first two quarters of the year, which was followed by a marked slowdown in the second half of 2022.

Also, the indicator of volume for the manufacturing sector alone is also up on average for the year, albeit to a much lesser extent than the value index, the stats institute said.

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