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IAS Director: Kazakh development model is example to follow

27 March 2017 13:28
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IAS Director: Kazakh development model is example to follow

AMMAN. KAZINFORM The Kazakh model in political and technological development is the example to follow. This opinion was expressed by the Director of the Islamic Academy of Science Munif Zoubi and the Secretary General of the Jordan Investment Commission Mokhallad Omari in their comments on the recent Address of Kazakh President "The 3rd Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness" and constitutional reforms in our country.

"Nowadays Kazakhstan is a credible state in Central Asia, among OIC members and in the international community. The respect and the attitude of the world powers to Kazakhstan are directly related to the result of President Nursultan Nazarbayev's diplomatic efforts oriented toward the peace philosophy and solution of real problems both in Central Asia and in the world. Abandonment of nuclear program is a very prominent example when the country chooses a peaceful way of coexistence with the international community" stated the Director of Jordan Islamic Academy of Science that embraces over 20 scientific institutions of the Middle East countries.

According to the Head of IAS, considering that the progress in science, technology, economy and politics moves at enormous speed in 21st century, a new Address of the President "The 3rd Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness" is his forward looking step.

"It is an obvious fact that President Nazarbayev is a leader with strategic view and fully realizes capabilities of his country and his personal potential. He clearly showed it in his speech repeatedly emphasizing the leadership of Kazakhstan. In this respect, the Address intends to create the society of overall welfare based on the principle of a strong country, developed economy and opportunities to gain worthy earning for everyone. That is the goal of all peoples of the world. I think that the Kazakh model of development is the example to follow on how to live and look ahead. However, only such outstanding leaders as Nazarbayev, who will undoubtedly be recorded in history, are capable of achieving these goals", M. Zoubi said.

Director of the Academy expressed his complete agreement with President's initiatives for redistribution of administrative powers.

"Regarding the executive power, the President clearly expressed it, when he recommended to rely on the Party's influence in the Parliament [The party that won the parliamentary elections will have a decisive influence on Government formation] upon appointment of the Prime Minister and subsequent formation of the Cabinet of Ministers with Parliament's assistance. If the Parliament will be mainly represented by individuals instead of political parties, the President and the elected Parliament will negotiate for appointing the ministers. The third branch is the judicial power, the head of the judicial power should always be elected by the President prior to formation of the Higher Council of the Judiciary which will elect its head", M. Zoubi said.

Along with this, the Head of the Academy supports the subordination of the Army and law-enforceable authorities and special services to the Head of the State.

"President Nazarbayev fully realizes vulnerability of security issues in the upcoming years. Therefore, I fully agree with him that the Army, law-enforceable authorities and special services should only be subordinated to the President. This should remain till the world is in chaos and susceptible to blind extremism and terrorism", M. Zoubi explained.
The Secretary General of the Investment Commission Mukhallad Omari thinks that President's Address shows his shrewdness.

"N. Nazarbayev spoke about the economic situation in Kazakhstan and the ways of its improvement and also mentioned 100 steps helping to develop the economic element. Moreover, he emphasized that Kazakh economy should move to the digital level, i.e. the economy should be based on new technology development, nanotechnologies in particular. Besides, it is noteworthy that the President underlined the necessity to devise far-reaching plans for investment in industries that help to develop Kazakh economy. Nazarbayev also passed over the social problems - poverty and unemployment and how to solve them. The speech was very informative and I suppose that the state bodies will take notice of all these items and turn the President's suggestions into reality. I wish further success, development and prosperity to the Republic of Kazakhstan and its people", M. Omari said.

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