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How housing prices changed in Kazakhstan last month
11 August 2022 15:58

How housing prices changed in Kazakhstan last month

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM A new report of Kazakhstan’s popular real estate web-portal shows prices deceleration in the secondary housing market.

Positive dynamics was observed in 10 cities of the country, while fall in prices was recorded in 7 cities. Since April 2022, the housing offer prices have not changed significantly, although earlier the average monthly increase was at 2-3%. This is explained by the suspension of implementation of the government’s program on pension savings withdrawal and seasonal lull in the market. Prices rise slightly, and then drop back again.

Maximum increase at +2.2% (293,875 tenge per unit of area) was recorded in Taraz.

Almaty stands second with a +1.5% rise and the highest average price in Kazakhstan – 652,625 tenge per 1 sq.m.

Kyzylorda is third with average price increase at +1.2% - up to 228,450 tenge per 1 sq.m.

Aktau and Kostanay cities record +1% rise in offer prices – 289,875 tenge and 364,700 tenge per 1 sq.m. respectively.

The minimum hike in prices was registered in Atyrau (+0.7 %, 367,400 tenge per 1 sq. m), Karaganda (+0.4 %, 375,250 tenge per 1 sq. m.), Nur-Sultan (+0.3 %, 473,950 tenge per 1 sq. m.), Aktobe (+0.2 %, 271,175 tenge per 1 sq.m.) and Shymkent (+0.2 %, 414 ,900 tenge per 1 sq.m.).

City of Taldykorgan observes housing price decline for the third month in a row (-3.3%, 312,600 tenge per 1 sq.m.).

The average price for housing in Kazakhstan in July was recorded at 361,122 tenge per sq.m.

The most expensive apartments in secondary housing market in July were offered in Almaty, Nur-Sultan and Shymkent cities. The cheapest ones are in Kyzylorda, Aktobe and Aktau.

Since January 2022, average housing prices have risen by 7% countrywide. Maximum increase was recorded in Semey (+16%), and minimum increase was registered in Taldykorgan (-1.3%). Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent observe 5.6%, 4.2% and 8.1% rise in housing prices respectively.

Secondary housing prices across Kazakhstan rose by 22% in a year. Maximum hike in prices was reported in Aktobe (+31.1%) and minimum increase was observed in Taldykorgan (+11.8%). Prices in Nur-Sultan climbed up by 23.9%, in Almaty – by 29.4% and in Shymkent – by 24.6%.

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