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Hou Yifan from China wins Women World Chess Championship

15 March 2016 20:36
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Hou Yifan from China wins Women World Chess Championship

LVIV. KAZINFORM - The 22-year-old Chinese chess star Hou Yifan on Monday has been crowned the new world champion after winning the Women World Chess Championship final match, held in Ukraine's western city of Lviv.

In Game 9, which was staged at the Potostky Palace, Hou defeated reigning world champion Maria Muzychuk from Ukraine, earning 1 point to surpass the winning margin of 5.5 points and end the 10-game match before the schedule, Xinhua reports.

Speaking during the press conference after the match, Hou said she was very happy to return her world champion title, pointing that she is not going to rest on our laurels and already draws plans for the future.

"After this match, like in 10 days, I will have a qualifying tournament in Norway. This is the qualifying for the Stavanger tournament to be held in April. And also this summer I supposed to graduate from the University and I also need to prepare for my graduation paper. Besides, I am also hoping to participate in some other chess events coming this year," Hou said.

For her part, Muzychuk, who looked frustrated after the match, thanked her team for the assistance and pledged to intensify the efforts in preparations for future tournaments.

"The single desire is not enough to win the match as it turned out. During the last 10 months of preparations, I had so many issues which were distracting me and it reflected on me. I will try next time to do improvements," Muzychuk said.

The FIDE Women's World Chess Championship final match for golden chess crown kicked off on March 2.

The sides have played the tournament mainly slowly and cautiously, with Muzychuk turning to the offensive style of playing in several legs of the match. Hou did not give up a single game to her opponent, winning three rounds of the tournament and drawing six others.

The victory in the match has cemented Hou's position as world number one female chess player in the FIDE ranking.

The Chinese grandmaster will also get 120,000 euros (about 130,000 U.S. dollars) as a cash prize for winning the tournament, while Muzychuk will receive 80,000 euros (about 87,000 dollars).

Hou, who was dubbed the "Genius Girl" as she became a grandmaster at 14, is the youngest ever World Chess Champion in history
She was the Women's World Chess Champion in 2010-2012 and in 2013-2015 and a winner of the FIDE Grand Prix.

Muzychuk, who holds the fourth position in FIDE ranking, has won her champion title during the 2015 Women's World Chess Championship hosted by Russia's Sochi from March 16 to April 6, last year.

The FIDE Women's World Chess Championship final match for golden chess crown kicked off on March 2.

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