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Greek PM apologizes over deadly train accident for "state's mistakes"

Temirgaliyeva Arailym
6 March 2023, 17:48

Greek PM apologizes over deadly train accident for Photo: Leonidas Tzekas/Xinhua

ATHENS. KAZINFORM Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis apologized on Sunday for the «state's mistakes» following the country's worst train accident which killed 57 and injured dozens, Xinhua reports.

«As prime minister, I owe everyone, but above all the relatives of the victims, a huge apology. Both personally, and in the name of all those who ruled the country over the years,» he said in a press statement, adding that the government «should not hide behind human error.»

A station master has been arrested and charged with manslaughter through negligence for the head-on collision of a passenger train with a freight train in central Greece on Tuesday night. The two trains had been running for several kilometers on the same track in opposite directions.

Mitsotakis reiterated that justice will be served following an ongoing investigation and immediate steps will be made to improve safety in Greek railways

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