Government approves 2023-2027 Migration Policy Concept of Kazakhstan

Temirgaliyeva Arailym
29 November 2022, 12:58

Government approves 2023-2027 Migration Policy Concept of Kazakhstan

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Kazakhstan’s Migration Policy Concept for 2023-2027 has been approved today at the Cabinet’s meeting, Kazinform reports.

The Concept provides for introduction of new types of visas for additional attraction of highly qualified specialists, investments and cutting-age technologies to Kazakhstan. Requirements to promising investors have been revised. Large investors will be issued investor’s visas with a 10-year residence permit.

Another objective of the Concept is to boost internal mobility of the citizens for their resettlement to the regions experiencing labour shortage.

The document will also let address human rights protection issues of the Kazakhstanis working abroad. Thus, as per the Concept, our compatriots will be provided judicial and consultative assistance. Bilateral agreements will be concluded with the countries with the largest number of workers from Kazakhstan. The Concept provides for the establishment of a unified information system for recording migrant movement on a one-stop-shop principle.

Following the discussion, the Concept was approved by the Cabinet members.

The ministry of internal affairs and the ministry of digital development, innovations and aerospace industry were commissioned to create an information system for automation of migration process.

The regional akimats were commissioned to focus on attraction of in-demand personnel,when issuing quotas for foreign specialists.

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