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Golden artifacts featuring kagans in crowns unearthed in E Kazakhstan

14 July 2021 13:53
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Golden artifacts featuring kagans in crowns unearthed in E Kazakhstan

EAST KAZAKHSTAN. KAZINFORM Archeologists excavated unique golden artifacts of the epoch of ancient Turks at the Yeleke Sazy burial mound in Tarbagatai district, Governor of East Kazakhstan Daniyal Akhmetov said after the meeting with a group of scientists and archeologists.

2 days ago well-known archeologist Zeynolla Samashev unearthed unique golden artifacts featuring heads of khaganates in crowns. The Governor expressed confidence that this world discovery will be described on the pages of the three-volume edition and the artifacts will take rightful place in the museum.

As earlier reported, the Governor met with the historians, scientists and archeologists working at the three-volume edition devoted to the history of Kazakhstan. In particular, results of the research conducted at the Yeleke Sazy gorge, an extremely interesting monument of the ancient Turkic epoch, will be included into the edition. Many years ago, there was found a statue of a kagan. Now it is showcased at the Kazakh National Museum. Recently archeologists unearthed there lots of armament supplies, harness and jewels of the funeral clothing, in particular, the belt set in the form of ornamented gold plates and pendants, partially burnt and melted.

As stated there the excavated artifacts will stir great interest the worldwide.

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Zhanna Nurmaganbetova

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